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Saturday, 27. July 2013

My Safelist Biz Review

By tgcarter, 22:16

Todd Perry and Scott Gardner have really gone above and beyond the call of duty. They have created the only complete home based business in one site. An for a unbelieveable low cost. Just look at what They can do for you.

Are you ready to start actually making money online? Would you like to see some real results for your efforts? Then join a real program whose members are making money using credit based Safelists. Join MySafeList.Biz today and start your very own successful SafelistBiz.

Don't Build some Guru's List,  Build YOUR List

This very page builds YOUR list using YOUR autoresponder. These opt-ins go right into your auto-responder not the program owners!
Most Auto-Responders Supported.
Build Your Downlines
Quickly Build Your Downlines

MySafelist.Biz will quickly build your downlines in the Safelists that you wish to promote. You will also build your downlines with other programs from our Downline builder inside the members area.
Earn Monthly Residual Income.

Along with buuilding YOUR list and building YOUR downlines you will also earn residual income from MySafelist.Biz when when you referr others to MySafelist.Biz

You will also earn residual income from the safelists you promote when your referrals upgrade or buy advertising credits from those Safelists.


MySafelist.Biz provides you all of the marketing tools that you will need to succeed.

    Personal Branding
    List Builder
    Downline Builder
    Link Tracking
    A Viral Mailer
    A Traffic Exchange
    Click Credit Optimizer


When it comes to marketing online there are a few things you really should have in order to get the results you want. If you were to purchase each one separate you could spend up to $100 a month, Or you can get all of them for a fraction of that with MySafelist.Biz and have them all in one place. Get all this for just $14.99 month..

    List Building System Value= $9.99 month
    Branding System Value= $9.99 month
    Downline Building System= $9.99 month
    Mailing System Value= $9.99 month
    Link Tracker/Cloaker Value= $9.99 month
    Click Credit Optimizer Value= $29.99 month


We are here for you when you need us!

    Members Skype Support Group
    Help Desk Support System
    Members Area Support Chat Roon

Get yours today at


Till Next Time,


Friday, 26. July 2013

Learn Do Teach Simultaneously - David Wood

By tgcarter, 20:52
I am more than likely the 1-5 people on the planet that do not belong to Empower Network. I am not going to bash any company however David Wood is probably one of the best marketeers in the business. You cannot deny that. I have learned a lot from David. You can take his advice and apply  it to your business. You have got to hand it to him, he has changed 1000s of people life’s  for the better.

I came across a video he made that explains the title of this post. It will be to your benefit to give it a look see.

Understanding and implementing this simple, yet profound concept can literally cause massive growth in your business.

Now of course he’s talking to network affiliate marketers, but this applies to any kind of marketer.

David Wood drops knowledge on how to explode your business. What should excite you about this is the fact that in this business you do not need to learn everything before you start producing results.

As you learn and produce results you are able to help others learn and produce results, and you just keep getting better and better!

Till Next Time,